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About Us

CoWomen is the most inspiring digital community club!

CoWomen started as the first Community Club & Coworking Space for women in Germany and became a cult – now worldwide.

We are now moving our members and the amazing content step by step to our brand new community that we host on mighty networks.

You are the perfect woman to join us now! We are just starting at this new platform and would love to see you join already and bring all your inspiration, expertise, empowerment, motivation to the whole community.

Why You Should Join Us

At CoWomen you'll find
  • Amazing women with all kind of backgrounds and their projects and businesses.
  • Inspiration, inspiration and – guess what? – more inspiration.
  • Sharing of experiences about any kind of topic
  • Accountability partners
  • Your circles & topics: You can choose from different tribes and topics and and suggest more!
  • A whole bunch of great events such as:
    • Breakfasts on Monday mornings to start motivated and structured
    • Lunches
    • Wine Nights every Friday to cheer to the wins of the week
    • Regular Q&A sessions with our experts – and you can host your own Q&A session!
    • Workshops, events & circles to boost your knowledge, such as personal branding, purpose & vision, female health, meetings, youtube content & videos and many more!
  • A structure to your (work) week.
  • The perfect place to not be alone or lonesome.
  • It’s the perfect community for your everyday and work life!

Try it out now! It’s free for some weeks to get started. And then we’ll have an amazingly good price for what the community brings you!

A Big Thanks

❤ This community is made by YOU for you with you ❤